Modern clip-on earrings – The Face Off Collection


Modern clip-on earrings collection:

In this blog article we will into the story behind our Face Off Collection. Our brand takes pride in its non-conformism and rebellious nature, always pushing boundaries and celebrating individuality. Get ready to explore our unconventional and modern clip-on earrings collection, designed for women who were born to stand out.

"The Face Off Collection was inspired by everything that stands for unconventional and unexpected."

Clipit Collective's brand identity:

At Clipit Collective, we believe in challenging societal norms and championing authenticity. Our brand embraces non-conformity and celebrates uniqueness. We are inspired by the rebellious nature of movements like Pop-Art, where bold shapes, vibrant colors, and a sense of individuality reign supreme. This ethos is reflected in our Face Off Collection, where each design showcases different parts of the human face, allowing you to make a bold statement and express your truest self.


The Face Off Collection: The process and first designs

The process of creating a collection of clip-on earrings takes time. You start off with a concept and first rough draft, and then come the series of changes and adjustments, narrowing it down to your ideal capsule collection to move forward with. Our journey in creating the Face Off Collection involved careful conceptualization and design refinement.

The Ice Queens blue heart-shaped clip-on earrings set is one of the first designs we released. This playful and eye-catching set features vibrant colors and bold shapes. When you wear these earrings, you’ll exude confidence and showcase your fun-loving spirit. Get ready to turn heads and make a statement.

Another exciting addition to our Face Off Collection is the Triple Sick dangly clip-on earrings set. These earrings captivate attention and make a statement, so shut your mouth and let those three do the talking instead!

The Triple Sick set is perfect for those who want to make an edgy fashion statement. Unleash your unique style with these modern dangly clip-on earrings.

Dare to be different:

Clipit Collective’s Face Off Collection offers a range of modern clip-on earrings for those who dare to be different. The Popsicle Twins and Triple Sick sets are just the beginning of our journey to redefine the concept of clip-on earrings.

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