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Clip-on Earrings That Don't Hurt

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Clip-on earrings shouldn’t be uncomfortable to wear if the tension point of the clip-on back was chosen properly. When it’s not, that’s when you experience pinching, soreness, and pain.

Clipit Collective’s designs all have padded clip-on backs with a carefully tested and approved tension point; this means that when you wear them, they will sit comfortably on your ears and not cause any discomfort.

Clip-on earrings should stay on if the tension point of the clip-on back was chosen and set correctly. If it is too loose, they will fall off easily, if it is too tight, you will experience discomfort.

This is why we carefully selected the ideal tension point that is a sweet spot between comfort and hold for all our designs.

 It’s not just about wearing clip-on earrings that look nice, it’s about not having to worry about them falling off either!

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The beauty of clip-on earrings is that anyone can wear them. 

Yes, they are made without piercings, but no, they aren’t only worn by women with unpierced ears. 

Women with ear sensitives also benefit from wearing clip-ons since they sit on top of the ear lobe and don’t pierce the skin, causing irritations of any kind; women with pierced ears that want to expand their jewellery collection simply because they like the design of the accessory, do so.

 Our designs are perfect for anyone who appreciates them, regardless of whether you have pierced ears or not.


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Putting on clip-on earrings is a simple process. Follow these steps:

1. Begin by opening the clasp at the back of the earring. This allows you to easily position it on your earlobe.

2. Ensure that the clip-on is placed on the majority of your earlobe for a secure and comfortable hold.

3. Once it is in the desired position, gently close the clip-on back.

4. Take a moment to see how it feels; If it’s positioned too low or high, adjust accordingly.