Clipit Collective

Stylish earrings without piercings that don't hurt

Our best-sellers:

Elevate your ear accessories game with Clipit Collective— stylish and comfortable clip-on earrings for women.


What makes us stand out?

Clipit Collective is bringing variety, style, and fun to clip-on earrings. Made with clip-ons but for all ear types (non-pierced, pierced and sensitive).

Stylish clip-on earrings that don’t hurt:

Clip-on earrings are usually known to be painful or uncomfortable to wear, making it unappealing to want to buy them. This is something that we heavily kept in mind for all our designs. Say goodbye to the pinching, soreness and pain, and hello to comfortable and stylish alternative that make you stand out.

Unique and colourful designs:

All of our clip-on earrings are statement pieces. From the carefully chosen colour combinations, to the shapes and decorative elements, each one is truly one-of-a-kind.


Everything you need to know about clip-on earrings: